10X Goal vs. Steady Increasing

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Choosing a 10x Goal involves being “weird”, inspired, and deeply aware that you can’t accept other than “the best from you“.

I was listening to one of Tim Ferriss great podcasts, that teaches how to be an entrepreneur, and I had one of those AHA moments.

That’s what I would like to share with you, today.

It’s about some people’s inclination to overcome their goals 10x times, rather than improving their performance in a steady and secure manner (10%).

The podcast is a very short one (about 10 min) and is meant to be a leitmotiv for each of us who loves, wants or serves success.

On your way to achieving a “weird” 10x goal, you will overcome yourself in the fastest way.

You will reach standards that you wouldn’t have had access to if you followed the path of systematic implementation.

By doing so, you’ll enjoy a much greater reward. Also, the impact that the solution will have on people will be greater too.


Competition Focusing

When setting a 10x goal, you no longer have to systematically compare yourself with the competition. Your focusing has to be on measuring your own results and the impact that 10x results will have on people.

This problem would require a true shift in perception. The benefits of solving it will be much greater, offering you a more relevant vision definition.

Your perspective will also become much better, because focusing on your personal or your organization’s results, allows you to consistently grow.

You will be able to avoid the trap of mediocrity and all the stress that competition can provide you with.

It will spare your daily effort to measure against others, in an attempt to overcome them. You’ll know that your goal makes you weird in their eyes and will not compete in this regard.

It’s easier to get the energy out of your goals than to strive to be better, smarter, more … than others. The stakes are much higher, and the reward is not just something measurable. In fact, it’s something new, personal and unique, something that can satisfy you more than… numbers.

That is to choose your goal not according to competition but rather depending on the actual unsolved problems of our daily lives.

Focusing must be on solving the problem and not on measuring results according to competition or market.


It’s Always The Perspective…

In setting a purpose, the context (perspective) and expectations are both very important, and these come into your exclusive attributions.

If the purpose is worthy to be desired by others too – through its benefits – then the people will naturally join you in fulfilling it, because each of us needs deeply to serve a higher purpose beyond the comfort, routine or banality.

You can be the one who gives them the chance to overcome themselves, contributing to the accomplishment of a special purpose, which they will also adopt.

This approach seems to be closer to the spirit of a successful entrepreneur than the profile of a business owner.

It leads you to naturally overcome your own limitations, which prevent you from targeting up there, where competition does not yet see or does not allow itself to focus.


It also requires an exercise and a superior understanding of mistakes that naturally follow real-life implementations.

The “weirds” of this world are the same who, without receiving any chance from the people, have made possible the impossible.

Thanks to them the world enjoys today the most important conquests of our daily life. The lack of trust in the people of their time could not cling to their firm belief that they would one day come to offer the fruit of their labors to make the world a better place.

People practice the act of unbelief daily, in terms of their lives or personal achievements. So, the more they practice it, the more will be skeptical about the daring goals of others. It’s something normal.

I invite you with great joy to listen to the entire podcast and leave here any suggestion or comment.


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Irinel Bogdan

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