5 Concepts of Natural Medicine Which Lay The Foundation of Natural Healing

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Natural Medicine is the new approach to health and well-being which combines non-invasive medical technology with the body’s natural healing power.

Called Biological Medicine by Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., its basic approach is expressed in its name: bio (life) and logical (relating to knowledge).

The foundation of Natural Medicine is the body’s own “knowledge of life” – the body’s innate wisdom regarding natural life forces within and around the individual.

Natural Medicine may not provide solutions for everyone’s health care problems, but its essential concepts and principles are sound and proven by the experiences of countless patients and practitioners.


1. The concept of the “inner milieu” and “milieu treatment”


Natural Medicine - Blood Cells
Pixabay – Blood Cells

One very important element which complements the conventional natural healing procedures is to strictly follow milieu (terrain)-oriented thinking.

Your inner “flow”, every conversion of substances and every dynamic adaptation to a “steady state” condition is dependent on the mesenchymal milieu.

This indicates the acid-alkaline status, the protein status and the orthomolecular state of inner compartments.

All metabolic processes and any vitality of the cells can only happen subject to certain chemical conditions.

For example, the oxygen exchange from the red-blood cells (erythrocytes) only occurs when you reached a determined degree of acidity in your red corpuscles.

If the level of acidity around the erythrocytes is too high (hyperacidity), then oxygen can no longer be utilized for cell respiration.

In this situation, our hemoglobin, which should transport the oxygen, is required to act as a pH-buffer.

The reduced supply of oxygen to the tissues may lead you to hypertension, angina pectoris or peripheral oxygen shortage.


Natural Medicine - Hyperacidity
Pixabay – Hyperacidity

Contemporary Orthodox Medicine takes practically no account of this process, merely attempting to improve your circulation.

Natural Medicine, on the contrary, counters the” circulatory disorder” by improving oxygen uptake in the erythrocytes, as well as the acid-alkaline balance.

Natural Medicine influences the inner milieu, detoxifies the cells and the intercellular substance, and eliminates metabolic waste.

The inner milieu is determined and influenced by the following factors:

  • The acid-alkaline balance;
  • The toxic overload , particularly that of heavy metals;
  • The quantity of surplus protein in the intracellular substance;
  • The trace element and mineral content;
  • Electromagnetic stress.

Every biological treatment will always take account of these factors, particularly in chronic diseases.


In this short video, Swiss Physician Dr. Thomas Rau, speaks about his methods for treating chronic illnesses.


2. Mesenchyma


Natural Medicine - Mesh
Pixabay – Mesh

The concept of the “Mesenchyma” or “Basic Substance” is another important concept of Natural Medicine.

Also referred to as the “interstitium”, it interweaves all the tissues, connects the organs to each other, and the lymph flows through it.

All our organs, and the cells, are surrounded by a fluid which in turn is bound together by the finest strands of protein and tiny collagen components.

This space known as “Mesenchyma” is also interspersed with the finest terminal fibers of nerve cells and is interwoven with the terminal flow of the lymphatic and capillaries.

Any exchange of materials, electrolytes and energy takes place as part of an emission from the cells into the “Mesenchyma”, and thence into other cells, or by passing into the blood and lymphatic vessels.

The “Mesenchyma” acts as the carrier for all information and all autonomic functional systems.

A large number of illnesses, particularly chronic illnesses and disorders, are based on some disorders of the flow of information and of the metabolism of the “Mesenchyma”.

The basic vehicle of all substances in the human body is water. Water accounts for over 60% of the body weight of a human being.

The water molecule and its clusters (conglomerates of molecules), are important carriers of information in the body, and within the basic substance.

This fact may also partially explain homoeopathic phenomena, since it is probable that the information of homoeopathic remedies alters the characteristics of the water molecule clusters.


3. Pleomorphism


Natural Medicine - Pleomorphism
Pixabay – Bacteria

Another approach which is difficult to understand using conventional medical thinking is Prof. Enderlein’s Pleomorphism.

His isopathic approach and use of milieu treatment is important for Natural Medicine.

Bacteria and their early protein stages interweave the human being in all his systems.

They are of vital importance to him, not only in the intestinal system, but also in relation to cellular metabolism (oxygen uptake, blood clotting) and in the immune system (the gut supports the immune system).

According to the pleomorphistic way of thinking, infectious diseases are not caused simply by bacteria, viruses or fungi; in fact these microbes only develop pathologically into pathogens as changes take place in the milieu.

You need to understand here that the milieu also has an influence on the bacterial world of the human being, and thus on the whole immune system as well.

The point of view of Orthodox Medicine differs a lot from that of the holistic medicine, regarding man as a static unity and as a collection of self-contained organs.

This open, holistic view means that the doctor or practitioner of Natural Medicine does not “specialize”, because any specialization in one particular organ constitutes a restriction in the way he viewed things and acted.

In a Natural Holistic Medicine there is a further point which is valued differently than in Orthodox Medicine with its more static and organ-oriented way of thinking.


4. The concept of “Regulation”


Natural Medicine - Balanced
Pixabay – Balanced

Our human bodies are in a state of constant adaptation and floating equilibrium.

Natural Medicine uses the concept of “Regulation” to denote the fine tuning of the internal milieu and regards this regulation as being of the utmost importance.

My ability of self-regulation is a precondition for the maintenance of internal equilibrium, even in changing surroundings.

Regulation is guaranteed to a large extent by receptors which belong to the autonomic nervous system, the limbic system and the mesenchyma, but also by our largest organ, the intestines.

In particular, regulation and delimitation from the environment are enabled by undamaged intestinal flora and the Peyer’s Patches, which are found immediately below the intestinal mucosa (in the sub mucosa).

They represent 80% of our lymphatic system, and also, have a significant influence on detoxification.

Thus, the intestines, the lymphatic system, and the intestinal flora are involved in practically every holistic-biological treatment.

As our largest organ by far, the intestinal tract ensures our contact with the environment for more than the skin.

The intestinal mucosa serves to assimilate nutrients and to discharge toxins, but its tasks also include the functioning of the immune system.


5. The Principle of “Construction and Decomposition”


Natural Medicine - New
Pixabay – New

All processes within the living organism are dynamic, and every organ is in a state of constant construction and decomposition.

Every organ even if diseased regenerates in differing rhythms depending on the organ.

The lymphatic system, for instance, has the regeneration dynamic of about 3 weeks, intestinal bacteria take a day, cartilage and bone tissues take 1 to 3 years to regenerate.

In 7 years the whole person has been renewed!

Every organic illness also, has a rhythm which must be taken into account during treatment.

A treatment designed to build up an effective organ must continue for the duration of one or more regeneration cycles of the tissue concerned.

However, this is important: every organ renews itself, even diseased ones.

If the situation of the “milieu” and the preconditions for recreation of the tissue are given support, then the new tissue can take on an improved form and become more resistant.

This principle is of a great importance: even in degenerative diseases of the organs we must first and foremost work at the conditions for construction of the organ in question, and at the anabolic constructive energies.

This is ensured by the use of general “milieu” treatment, isopathy, orthomolecular cell treatments, and above all by correct nutrition.

The Holistic Natural Medicine is not merely treatment using natural remedies instead of chemical ones.

It actually guides the patient back into a dynamic interconnection with regulatory procedures, and thereby with the laws and rhythms of nature and the Earth.

However theoretical this may sound, the consequent change is logical and simple.


In this short video, Dr. Josh Axe gives an exciting testimonial about his journey to Natural Medicine.


Perhaps most important for many patients, Natural Medicine is safe.

It features comprehensive detoxification and stimulation techniques that rarely, if ever, side effects or peripheral damage to the body.


Naturopathy vs. Allopathy


Natural Medicine - Allopathy
Pixabay – Allopathy

Keep in mind that Natural Medicine can be effectively combined with conventional Western (allopathic) medical practices, often enhancing outcomes.

However, learning about Natural Medicine – and applying its principles in one’s own life – involves change.

Change begins with knowledge, and Entrepreneursight blog is an excellent starting point to develop that knowledge.


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In general, conventional physicians are trained to identify symptoms of disease and to recommend treatments that eliminate or alleviate those symptoms.

This approach often makes the patient feel better, but may not “cure” the disease or address the underlying conditions that allow the disease to manifest in the first place.

The allopathic principle is simple: a system of therapeutics in which diseases are treated by producing a condition that is incompatible with, or antagonistic to the disease and its symptoms.


Dr. Michael Berglund tries to explain the two schools of thought (holistic vs. conventional) in this short video.


In addition to treating particular symptoms, Natural Medicine looks for the root causes of those symptoms.

These root causes may consist of several factors that over time, can allow disease-causing toxins to build up in the body.

These factors include: diet, lifestyles, family history, stress, aging, environmental factors, trauma, and exposure to bacteria or viruses.

Natural Medicine assesses the body’s entire combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors – everything that makes us tick – and tries to identify which combination of these factors may cause the body to be out of balance.

Natural Medicine practitioners are trained to identify these imbalances, and recommend treatments that allow nature to take over restoration of balance.

These treatments support the body’s “up-building” forces, help reverse degenerative activity, and promote long-term healing.

Even if the physician successfully alleviated symptoms administering a drug, this can actually interrupt the body’s natural healing response.

So, the patient’s immune system may not be any stronger the next time the symptoms occur.

This may increase the likelihood of future symptoms occurrence and create a dependency on that drug, whenever the doctor suspects the same medical problem.


Natural Medicine - Naturopathy
Pixabay – Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that treats health conditions by utilizing the body’s inherent, natural ability to heal.

Naturopathy aids the healing process by incorporating a variety of alternative methods based on the patient’s individual needs.

The complete, natural healing response might take longer, although symptomatic relief would probably occur quickly.

However, only the natural healing allows the immune system to strengthen itself, perhaps increasing resistance to future diseases.


The thinking of holistic medicine see man as a part of a whole, i.e. of Earth and creation, and in a state of profound integration with the Earth.

Still, many people are not getting the facts they need in order to make some very important decisions about their own health care.

This lack of knowledge, plus anxiety associated with entering new and unfamiliar territory, often creates a reluctance to explore Naturopathy, as an alternative healthcare method.

In Natural Medicine, the practitioner and the individual, work together to free the body’s own natural healing systems.

Also, because you are unique person, Natural Medicine treats you as a person not merely your disease and its symptoms.

It is precisely why this personal and integrative perspective makes Natural Medicine the medicine of the future, the personal medicine of everyone.

So, are you still interested in learning how to activate, and use your innate healing power?


Irinel Bogdan

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