Boost Your Level Of Self-Confidence With These 7 Easy Tips

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We all have beliefs that limit our self-confidence.

Sometimes we let the status quo set dictate what we believe is possible. Other times we allow our own self-doubt take precedent, or we may have unconscious beliefs that hold us back.

Most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle ground – “I will try”. Because we end up making half-hearted efforts rather than putting our heart and soul into it, we get irrelevant results that undermine our self-esteem.

The key is to commit yourself entirely as if your own life would depend on it.

Filling yourself with the belief that you will accomplish what you set out to, makes other people sense whether or not you believe in yourself and, in what you’re doing.

If you want to build your self-confidence, you’ll need to go through a self-confidence building routine.

This routine helps you eliminate all those distractions that are interfering with your concentration. It also put you into the positive, confident frame of mind that you want to present to others.

The good news is that believing in yourself is like any other attitude; self-confidence can be learned through practice.

Bellow, you’ll find 7 great tips that will significantly boost your level of self-confidence:

1. Get Self-Aware

Examine your strengths, limitations and the reality of your situation honestly every day.

It provides an opportunity to fine-tune strengths, overcome weakness and pinpoint areas where growth is necessary.

Some days you won’t believe in yourself, and that’s OK. But you need to see what’s needed to move forward because relentlessly moving forward ultimately leads to success.

Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, treat yourself with compassion.


2. Think Big and Put It Into Action

Take an outside, overall perspective. Picture yourself as if from above, or outside of your body, as you go through the process.

Thinking big is a crucial element for a high confidence.

If you can see the big picture, this will put you into a humble state of mind and will provide you, a further detailed vision upon the facts.

Once you’ve determined your thinking big, achieve forward progress. Focus on long-term sustainability and learn, grow skills and improve along the way.


3. Be able to Answer “Why”

A crystal-clear vision of what victory looks like develops the great courage to overcome any challenge.

Good entrepreneurs turn over every stone and evaluate every opportunity. And they have a logical plan for saying yes to even the best option.

They also know clearly what are the reasons they are doing everything they do. And that starts with digging deep and getting answers into their own thinking.


4. Truly Care

If you truly care about yourself, surround yourself with individuals who can trust and rely upon. They can who make you feel good about yourself.

It has a huge effect on your happiness, and as a result, your self-esteem.


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If you’re called to serve, do your duty as if you don’t have a choice. You might die on the battlefield, but that’s the way you are making your existence worthy of a cause greater than you.

Studies have shown that taking the time out of your day to help others can greatly increase your happiness.

You’ll also feel great just knowing that you were able to lend a hand to another human being. 


5. Competence

Any lack of practical skills reflects in a lack of self-confidence, and then we try to artificially inflate our self-esteem and act confidently. But the brain doesn’t work that way.

The brain needs to feel competent so it can trigger the confident exterior result.

Your level of competence has to match your level of confidence.

Practical intelligence is the only one that engages all other forms of human intelligence (emotional, intellectual, social), allowing them to develop and work efficiently.

So, get better at stuff. Build practical skills.


6. Master Your Mind

The mind is powerful; it believes what you feed it. The more you focus on the positive, the better you’ll stay focused on your goals, perform and ignore the naysayers.

If you don’t master your mind, it will master you, sabotaging your purpose, business, and finances.

Keep your eyes on the vision you want to create. Listen to your intuition and build your intuitive intelligence. Most successful people work innovatively from their gut instincts.


7. Let Others Shine

Truly confident people don’t need the glory because they know what they’ve achieved. They don’t need the validation of others because they know true validation comes from within.

Stand back and celebrate your accomplishments through others. Stand back and let others shine. You’ll develop a quiet sense of worth and, help other people gain more confidence in their own abilities. 


The confidence muscles get stronger with each accomplished task. The belief that we can do this, whatever it is, gets exponentially stronger as well.

The trick is to say yes to all your big challenges.

If you are feeling totally secure all the time, you probably aren’t stretching yourself enough and that means you’re not growing!


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Stop wondering if other people have some special something that you don’t have.

No one is you, and that’s your powerStart thinking, “Why not me?”

And get started working towards your dreams. And just may accomplish more than you ever imagined. 

So, are you ready to significantly boost your self-confidence?

Irinel Bogdan

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