Boost Your Communication Skills With This Meaningful Perspective

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„I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects”

Napoleon Hill


Today, having excellent communication skills seems to become more and more synonymous with having success.

However, searching further better skills in communication, today I will introduce you a slightly different way of approaching this process.

It’s neither a list of recommendations that you need to develop as skills, nor a framework for describing good communication skills in different context.

It is an unprecedented perspective, which can help us turn our communication skills into one of the most effective means of accomplishment, both in business and in life.


Effective Communication
Effective Communication – Unsplash



Effective communication can also be considered a successful one, only to the extent that it has achieved its intended purpose, producing benefits for each of the parties involved in the process.

Such a success requires the active participation of the transmitter, the receiver, the communication medium, and the message itself.

We begin by “listening” the transmission medium to detect and remove possible communication barriers that can disrupt our process. This way, the connection points can be established easier at the targeted levels.

The message may reach more or less the audience, depending on its clarity, simplicity and format (verbal or visual). Therefore, audience feedback must be a permanent concern in adjusting the message during its transmission.




Visual – Unsplash

Sometimes the same message can be easier to reach the audience visually, and sometimes verbally. When the two modes of transmission support each other, the result is more likely to achieve the intended purpose.

Another time, by limiting the creative imagination of the audience, visual elements can contribute little to receiving the message. In these cases, visual is not a desirable format.

The role of visual is to support the word in opening up a broad perspective where creative imagination can manifest itself without any constraint.


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On the other hand, the words sustain or limit the visual to the extent that they can describe the uplifting perspective open to images that seem to be above words.

There are images that invite reason to silence, just like words that open us upward, which words can only limit. Both should be used as they are in the communication process.

Unfortunately, directed video can sometimes serve to prepare the ground for mental control, facilitating the success of the persuasion process.

When the results are beneficial for all, persuasion is justified by them, otherwise the process becomes manipulation, and worth to be discouraged.




Presence – Unsplash

First of all, communicating is being present.

It is an act of public presence, in which you take the opportunity to reveal yourself through, with the help of your audience.

It can give you the opportunity to boost your self-confidence, by providing you with the most realistic means of diagnosing your status quo.

Public communication can improve your awareness greatly, and reinforce your true inner self (beliefs, values, opinions) in front of the others.

It’s a great opportunity to lay down your own systems and affirm you in the midst of the people, the objective reality that matters mostly.




Communion – Unsplash

In order to develop natural connections with your audience, it’s not recommended to cover yourself with dignities, titles or merits, that can easily become barriers in communication.

Instead, try to appeal to common features of human nature, such as vulnerability, failure, confidence, or the need to be happy.

It is also advisable to keep a high perspective, which can clearly show you the way everything connect beyond appearances.

Remember: If something worth living, you have to confess to others too.

This confession is the most effective human connection, the only one that can lead to communion, something that leads us to an unceasing spiritual growth.

Words and images, in this context, either kill or give life. They can separate you from the others, locking you in selfishness, or can inspire you, thus gaining the mutual confidence.

This is how important communication is. Do not neglect it.


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Success – Unsplash

Your audience is part of your communication success as well as you are part of their own successes, due to the reception of your message.

If the result will not reflect your audience’s merit and contribution, but your superiority, then it will not be beneficial. You’ll prove that you don’t understand your own success, and therefore you won’t be able to enjoy it.

The success of a communication is confirmed by the successes of those who have received your message and implemented what you have transmitted.

It is therefore a great responsibility to continuously work on your communication skills. You have to inspire, to sustain the freedom of action, and the value of each person in reaching their own goals.

According to Simon Sinek, a successful communication needs three simple things:

  • Crystal clear about a set of believes, purpose (WHY);
  • Disciplined about a set of values ​​and guiding principles (HOW);
  • Consistent about everything you say and do (WHAT).


Connecting with an audience is made easier through symbols, at their level of meaning.




Symbolic – Unsplash

Symbols can help us make tangible (audio, visual) the intangible (meanings, believes, values, goals, principles).

If your audience can recognize and affirm clearly and consistently what your beliefs are, then they can decide to adopt any of these beliefs.

Though products may drive sales and money, they alone cannot create loyalty.

A commercial message has to reinforce what your beliefs are by telling your story that make people resonate with those beliefs. This way, you can create loyalty among people who aren’t even customers.

The ability to build a megaphone, not a company, that is clear and loud, is what is giving you the ability to command loyalty and a “cult like following”.




Purpose – Unsplash

All your promotions and partnerships has to serve as a tangible proof of what you believe.

If what you do doesn’t prove what you believe, no one will know your WHY, and you will have to compete on tangibles (price, service, quality, features, benefits).

Copying WHATs and HOWs things are done at high-performing organizations is not going to make you stay ahead, as long as they don’t reinforce your WHY.

People don’t want to buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it, the things you believe.




Perspective – Unsplash

Everything has to fit your way (WHY).

Simply, ensuring that WHAT you do proves what you believe, makes it easy for the like minded people to find you. Otherwise, you are deluding yourself, and no one will join you.

Seeing things in an overall perspective, allows you to find their right meanings, and connect them to your final purpose.

It is like connecting the dots, where dots are nothing but the meanings, and connecting is leading these meanings to their final purpose.

You may use this overall perspective as a filter for anything you have to say and done, questioning yourself if they really make sense for your main purpose.




Growing – Pixabay

You need to build and develop from inside out, from dot (WHY) to anything else.

Begin by searching within yourself and become aware of your main purpose (WHY), which you can adopt as your identity.

Then, you can express your WHY in everything you do, and have inviting the others to become a part of your identity.

Expanding yourself in the world, by making anyone else express your main purpose, can be a successful way of doing business.

Your main purpose will justify not only what you will do, but also what other people will do for you.

We cannot control things outside, but we can infuse them with meanings that may lead them to our main purpose.


So, are you ready for your meaningful perspective?


Irinel Bogdan

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