Heavy Metals Intoxication

How To Deal With Heavy Metal Intoxication And Stay Healthy

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The different forms of heavy metal intoxication are among the most widespread intoxications in human beings in the whole Western world.

Heavy metals are the cause of deep-reaching cellular disorders.

They have an influence on very many cellular functions and are contributory causes of very many diseases.

Mercury, for instance, is a selenium antagonist, and it also blocks the intracellular function of zinc.

Zinc and selenium are among the most fundamental cellular elements and catalysts.

The fact that this extremely toxic element causes such fundamental disorders in the cells also explains why the symptoms are so numerous.

Precisely this multiplicity of symptoms is the reason why amalgam disease has so far not been recognized by Orthodox medicine.

Their reply is that the same problems may have their origin in other illnesses. This is true, of course, but it is not a proper argument.


Heavy Metals

It is important for us to simply cure people with chronic diseases by detoxifying them of their heavy metals.

Heavy metal intoxications are the most frequently-occuring intoxications in our civilised population, probably even more frequent than nicotine or alcohol intoxication.

Mercury is top of the list of heavy metals, followed by aluminium.

However, practically always very insidious and varied symptoms are present, with the result that chronic intoxication does not come to mind, and most doctors and dentists hardly even know anything about such problems.

In this article we’re trying to shade some light on this matter, as a small contribution in helping you to deal with any heavy metal intoxication and stay healthy.


1. The Catabolic Action of Heavy Metals


Heavy Metals Toxixity
steemit.com – Heavy Metal Detox

As an important catabolic principle, heavy metals are very often the cause of reductions in the organism’s reactive capability; in other words they are what are known as “blockages”.

The significance of this statement can only be appreciated by thinking in a dynamic way.

Everything in the dynamic system “human being” is subject to change, i.e. anabolic building up and, at the same time catabolic breaking down.

Metabolism is a constant process of production and excretion of metabolic waste going on side by side.

Both Biochemistry and Physiology show that heavy metals are significant antagonists of other trace elements replacing their functions.

For instance, those of manganese as an important mediator of redox potential formation of the cell membrane, or of zinc as a catalyst of anabolic metabolic reactions and cell respiration.

Thus, heavy metals are toxic because they are antagonists of constructive elements. This explains why heavy metals act on a variety of organs, and why they show up in those organs or systems which are already weakened.

It also explains the fact that heavy metal intoxication can remain sub-clinically dormant for decades until another situation brings the toxicity clinically into the foreground.


2. Symptoms of Heavy Metal intoxication



Heavy Metals Symptoms
healthandvitalytycenter.com – Heavy Metals Symptoms

Heavy metal intoxication manifests in an uncommonly large number of ways.

The following symptoms where established of various medical centres, using results from several hundred patients.

This polysymptomatic picture is typical and is frequently misinterpreted as being of emotional origin, issuing from the autonomic nervous system or having multiple causality.

However, it was shown that in around 70% of the above-mentioned patients this very polysymptomatic picture could be improve solely by eliminating the heavy metal in a logical way.

The experienced physician will already be familiar with the typical “heavy metal patients” who produce the typical symptoms when overloaded with heavy metals. Very frequently it is a question of one of the following constitutional types:


The Asthenic-Degenerative Type


emou.ru – Asthenic Type

These are very often delicately-built middle-aged woman of the Aspergillus or tuberculinic type.

They look “grey”, wrinkled, with reduced turgor of the skin, their hair pale and lustreless, often sparse and frequently prematurely grey, tending to fall out.

This patients are also often lacking in energy, suffering from headaches and/or thyroid problems.

They tend to depressive moodiness, to being over-stressed and despondent. Often very sensitive, with delicate feelings and picking up “atmospheres” easily, they are  susceptible to influences of all kinds, such as geopathic stress and underground water-veins.

Extremely intolerant of wine and nicotine, although they like both. Particularly in this patients it is wonderful to see them blossoming after heavy metals have been eliminated.


The Congestive-Autonomic Type


fotolia.com – Corpulent Type

Often men, young to middle-aged with a tendency to skin eruptions, somewhat seborrheic, autonomic nervous system predominant.

They are frequently also on the corpulent side, Calcarea carbonica type.

The heavy metal tends to cause them problems with the mucous membranes and skin, or gut problems as well.


3. Typical “Heavy Metal Diseases”


studiotimeout.com – Heavy Metal Scan

These are complex neurological pictures, caused not only by mercury, and possibly (although not often) occurring without the presence of heavy metals.

In the case of just such complicated neurological problems as these, sadly the Orthodox Medical Profession chooses not to recognize the connection with heavy metal intoxication.

And yet it is striking how often there is a connection between this complex problems and root canal treatment, will their toxic cadaverous proteins and the decomposed substances in the filling materials.

It is probably the galvanic currents created by the alloys which release highly toxic thioether, xylols and other cadaverous proteins from the root fillings and transmit the heavy metals in their highly toxic organic form.

From there they are distributed to the mesenchyma, where they develop their remote action.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


krcu.org – Multiple Sclerosis

In most cases all the patients from Paracelsus Clinic were found to have root canal fillings with concomitant signs of irritation in the teeth.

In only a very few cases was the consequent holistic cleansing of the teeth followed by any worsening of the problem in the form of the progression of a new episode.

In many of the patients, however, following the consequent cleansing of the teeth and detoxification, a clear improvement in the illness occured, in some cases with impressive improvements in the neurological failures.

From this point of view, therefore, MS is largely a multi-toxic illness originating in the teeth.

An important MS treatment is, logically, the cleansing and removal of all teeth with root-canal fillings.

In cases of neurological illness, it is important to detoxify the jawbone, not to mention the whole body, and this will take months, if not years. Thus, MS has a significantly better prognosis!


Parkinson’s Disease


parkinson.org – Parkinson’s Disease

Several cases of Parkinson’s disease were observed, in which high levels of mercury and tin intoxication have been demonstrated; these cases stabilized once the amalgam had been removed.

Unfortunately however, in Parkinson’s Disease lasting damage has been done to the dopamine processing and because of this most of the patients could not have the dopamine medication withdrawn.

They feel considerably better and the progression of the illness was only slight.


Fatigue Syndrome(CFS)


independent.co.uk – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The number of cases is increasing exponentially, and it is a classic instance of a multi-causal illness.

Likewise, in practically every case, heavy metals are implicated, and in this respect a high level of copper intoxication is usually an expression of the chronic inflammatory tendency which often places the liver under strain.

Very frequently mercury, tin or lead intoxication are also implicated. Often there are trace element deficiencies as well; this concerns mainly manganese, molybdenum, zinc and iron.

CFS responds splendidly to dr. Rau’s treatment and in most cases can be completely cured within the space of 6 months to 2 years, so long as factors including virus, heavy metals and mineral deficiency are treated consistently.


Diseases of the Mucosa


ntp.niehs.nih.gov – Oral Mucosa

Similarly to neurological disorders, heavy metal intoxication also results in the occurence of symptoms in the mucous membranes.

Problems in the mucosa caused by heavy metals almost always occcur as a combination of disorders. However, mucosal problems caused by heavy metals have a basic pattern in common:

  • chronicity with acute episodes
  • tendency to superinfections
  • almost routine presence of “fungal infections”, particularly candida


Chronic Sinusitis


Chronic Sinusitis
medicalnewstoday.com – Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic, frequently recurring inflammation of the sinuses is hardly ever a bacterial problem and can therefore not be cured with antibiotics.

The situation is almost always linked to galvanic currents in the mouth, arising from amalgam fillings or root-canal filling materials. The teeth in the upper jaw, with their roots, orphan extend into the maxillary sinus, they are only separated from the mucous membrane of the sinus by a thin lamella of bone.

So we can see how the irritation occurs, especially in the case of root-dead teeth, since the roots are still colonized by bacteria (Siphonaspora, Bacteroides, Aspergillus)!

There is a somatotopical connection between teeth, sinus and internal organs. This means that each sinus has it own connection with certain organs and thus with particular teeth and meridians.

Not only do the teeth have a direct influence on the sinus because of their proximity, infectedness, toxicity and galvanism, but they also have a somatotopical influence.


Pollinosis/ Asthma


health.clevelandclinic.org – Woman with Asthma

Again and again – even in children – we can observe asthma improving or being cured after amalgam fillings have been removed.

The Aspergillus fungus is practically always a concomitant factor in this allergic illness. This mould has a correlation with mercury. It has a strong capacity for binding with heavy metals. It therefore “tries” to detoxify the body of its heavy metals, as does the Candida fungus.


Chronic Cystitis


Chonic Cystitis
medicalnewstoday.com – Cystitis

In most cases this arises from chronically over-acidic urine, even though alkall- or nitrate-forming bacteria are attempting to reduce the level of acidity.

Where there is chronic cystitis, we must always be on the lookout for heavy metals, particularly mercury.

Bacterial infection or fungal infestation is nothing but an expression of a deficient milieu and heavy metal intoxication of the urine, and is never the cause of the infection.

This means that antibiotics are of only short-term use in mucosal inflammations, or of no use at all.

Thus the main treatment for chronic, or chronically recurring, abdominal infections is alkaline therapy and elimination of mercury (from prostate, bladder, vagina).


Infertility/ Sterility


Infertility, Sterility
thedoctor.pk – Female Inferility

Particularly high deposits of heavy metals may by found in nerve synapses, ganglia and hormonal organs. Mercury especially, as a catabolic element depressing the metabolism, results in a reduced functioning of the nerve cells and an incorrect regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Thus, in cases of heavy metal intoxication, problems of the endocrine and autonomic organs arise in large numbers:

  • thyroid disorders
  • pituitary hypofunction (reduced functioning of the pituitary gland, which exerts a regulatory function on the hormones)
  • reduced ability to manage stress as an expression of adrenal activity
  • disorders of the gonads with infertility and other hormonal disorders such as loss of libido, impotence, menstrual disorders and period-linked migraines


Ulcerative colitis/ Crohn’s Disease


Ulcerative colitis/ Crohns disease
mayoclinic.org – Ulcerative Colitis

So far as biological medicine is concerned, these diseases are problems related to dental infective foci and heavy metals, until it is proven otherwise.

Mercury (via the intestinal lymphatics) as well as tin (mostly contained in amalgam) and lead all cause intestinal problems.


4. Can Homaeopathy help?


facultyofhomeopathy.org – Homeopathic remedies

When dealing with heavy metal symptomatology it is important to bear in mind that in most cases the symptoms which come to the fore are ones which could also be explained by other weaknesses, deficiencies or intoxications.

This explains why heavy metal intoxications must not always be treated in the same way.

They must also be given constitutional treatment as well.

It also explains what all good homaeopaths have found out: that typical constitutional problems, even given the correct choice of remedy and potency, will not respond until the heavy metals have been eliminated.


5. The TRUTH behind the stake…

Actually, there is an economic damage on a gigantic scale, of billions of dollars. No doubt the health insurance companies are aware of this, but even so the causes cannot be addressed since that in turn would increase insurance costs by gigantic amounts.

It used to be the cause that insurers would reject the cost of amalgam removal, using the flimsy excuse that test methods are not scientific enough; otherwise they require proof of an allergy, which is hardly ever the case.



Heavy metal intoxication always manifests along with other intoxications!

It should also be borne in mind that amalgam is a mixture of mercury (usually 40% to 60%) and a pulverised alloy of other elements, in most cases tin, silver and also copper. Therefore intoxication with various other metals, i.e. tin or silver intoxication may be present.

A truly holistic dentist therefore does not remove any amalgam from root-canal-treated teeth, but rather he looks for a way of removing the filling along with the dead tooth.

Don’t forget! Heavy metals only constitute one significant part in the “disease barrel”, and they can only be treated with truly lasting success if the other intoxications are also eliminated.

So, is there any heavy metal disorder that you became aware or have dealt with lately?


Irinel Bogdan

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