How To Overcome Yourself Through Faith

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For those who can believe everything is possible…

Lately, the “believe and do not search” slogan has been adopted on a wider scale, especially by those not personally engaged in a spiritual way.

Unfortunately, this strengthens a false concept according to which there is a separation –  even a conflict – between rationality and faith.

Faith thus remains only a subjective emotional attitude, while rationality is only an objective thinking, expressed through a cerebral approach.

Seeing this form of knowledge fragmented and its negative effects on the unity of our humanity, I feel a moral duty to reaffirm some truths revealed to our holy Fathers.


#1. First Step in Our Spiritual Life


Overcome Yourself Through Faith - Pray
Pixabay – Pray

The essence of any virtue, and the beginning of any good manifestation is faith.

But because of God’s greatness, at the beginning of our journey, we are only asked to believe.

This way, our benevolent response to the first impulse of faith becomes our commitment to the spiritual path.


#2. Seeing Beyond Reasoning


Overcome Yourself Through Faith - Seeing Beyond
Pixabay – Seeing Beyond

Gradually, as our free cooperation, faith grows and pours new light on rational truths.

Through the expression of the new faith we are to know the truths beyond rationality. But here it’s about an experienceable knowledge, the participation in the act of knowledge.

Faith leads us to overcome our natural powers, giving our minds the opportunity to work according to its own simple nature.

At this stage, all our powers gather and meet at the same source point from which they receive their energy of manifestation.


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#3. An Expression of Our Lives


Overcome Yourself Through Faith - Dewdrops
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Our rationality is intended to analyze our sensory experiences and data received through the senses, so that they do not cause harm to our mind.

When our rationality properly judges the expression of the senses, attributing to each experience what is right, then our mind express itself according to its unity and simplicity.

However, in order to be able to free our understanding from the passionate attachments of things and their selfish use, we need the living expression of faith.

Faith in the living God is not the same with belief in the existence of a god, which we all can represent within our minds.

First requires our engagement in a personal relationship with Him, the latter remains a rational impersonal approach that does not say anything about the essence of the known object.

Faith places rationality in a life concept, being rather a spiritual attitude that must be adopted against a God beyond man’s possibilities of encompassing it with the mind.

The vivid expression of faith consists of attitudes and human powers in the service of faith, and is manifested by the fulfillment of divine commandments, in which God „is hidding”.

Faith comes to give meaning to our lives and reorganize our human actions ground, in every gesture and every word.


#4. Sensing the Ultimate Reality


Overcome Yourself Through Faith - Last Piece of Puzzle
Pixabay – Puzzle

There are three stages in human reporting on its existential coordinates:

  1. Perceiving and understanding sensitive things, common – in its primary forms – to the entire animal kingdom;
  2. Knowledge of the sensitive, the specific of man – the rational being – which involves the separation of intelligible meanings from the sensitive realities of the world and the concrete experience of life;
  3. Belief understood as life, as “view” and “understanding” beyond the common understanding, a spiritual intuition that encompasses the whole reality.

Only through faith can man come to see and possess above all known through the senses and through the mind.


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Faith is the most subtle form of knowledge, as it captures the imperceptible, the indefinite, the form of the highest reality, the person.


Overcome Yourself Through Faith - Family
Pixabay – Family

You cannot describe a personal reality exhaustively by any intellectual attempt and even less sensory.

There is a certain transcendence of the human person who can not be the object of human knowledge.

Faith is the way of life of a personal subject entrusted with a profound truth in which he participate, beyond perceptible and comprehensible. That is why it can not be replaced with anything else.

Ultimately, faith is the right state for you to see, know and understand.




Our essentials are above human reasoning and are based only on faith.

Instead of rational approaches that can not probe existential depths, we have another way for our edification: faith.

Faith is capable of giving us a deeper look, a power by which we overcome our human powers.

It can reconcile what our mind can not agree: paradoxes, contradictions or adversities.

Being above every human judgment, faith is much clearer than any idea born out of the human mind.


So, are you prepare to overcome yourself through the power of faith?



Irinel Bogdan

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