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5 Key Actions For Solid Mental Health

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How much have you thought of your mental health today?

Sure, you’ve thought about your physical health, because you are easily reminded of it by looking in the mirror, but chances are mental health doesn’t cross your mind very often.

But it should be emphasized, at least if you wish to thoroughly enjoy life for all its worth.

If you’re young, and haven’t entered the world of work peer pressure may take its toll on you.

But being faced with the task of performing at your peak day after day, is another ballgame altogether.

Both can take a toll on your mental health, which is why it’s important to perform key actions that can help solidify your mental health.

Be sure to perform these actions:


1. Sleep On Schedule

Mental Health - Sleep
Pixabay – Sleep

We know, work and school can be tough, making sleep the scapegoat.

However, this is one of the worst things you can do, and lack of sleep will only hasten decline of your mental health.

The body needs good sleep as much as it needs good, healthy food and clean water.

There’s literally no quicker way to lose your mind than depriving the body of sleep. Even stringing together a few nights in a row of 5-hour nights can leave you shaken.

If you’ve ever had a poor night of sleep, you know the negative alteration to mood and performance it has; worsening the situation.


Check out this short video of Aileen Xu about fixing her sleep schedule.


Good sleep is not 8 hours. Good sleep is sleep where your body reaches its deepest level of relaxation and restoration.

The REM cycle is the deepest stage of sleep. It’s like the mind’s maintenance time. It’s also where dreaming occurs.

As much as possible, strive for a minimum 7.5 hours of sleep every night- go to sleep at a time that leaves you enough hours for rest.

Nobody likes a grouch in the morning.


2. Spend Time Outdoors

Mental Health - Outdoors
Pixabay – Outdoors

Ever notice when things get overwhelming how we are drawn to the beauty of being outdoors?

Well, as it turns out, Mother Nature knows best, as spending more time outdoors translates to improved mental health.

When you feel like you need a break, there’re no better place to take it than outside.

Plus, a leisurely walk outdoor can reduce stress, and boost your endorphin levels, key to keeping a level head.

Sports are also a great thing to participate in to help keep you healthy. There are many different types of sports out there, and recreational sports definitely have their purpose.

Recreational sports are more focused on outdoor activities, so instead of staying in a building to play basketball, a recreational sport will help you get out into the world and enjoy how great nature is.


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3. Love And Be Loved

Mental Health - Love
Pixabay – Love

A fairly common trait amongst depression sufferers is the feeling that they are alone in this world.

This could stem from many things, but commonly is related to some form of rejection, or not fitting into socially accepted norms.

Maybe you have a sibling who is the clear favorite of your parents, or maybe you just experienced a break up.

Get a dog! Dogs are undoubtedly the most loving companion you can ever have.

Of course, we’re not advocating that you forego your human companions, but pets are darn good as well!


In this video, Billy Ward shows the importance of loving others and of being loved.


4. Laugh Heartily

Mental Health - Laughing
Pixabay – Laughing

Someone once equated laughter with exercise, since they are both profoundly good for your mental and biological health.

Though there is no doubt that laughter can’t replace exercise, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy life to the fullest.

Laughter, similar to exercise, reduces stress hormone levels and elevates levels of endorphins, those mood elevating neurochemicals that are so crucial to our mental health.

So when things look gloomy, just din in and laugh about it.


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5. Exercise And Meditate

Mental Health - Exercise
Pixabay – Exercise

No list of actions that promote mental health would be complete without including exercise.

After all, exercise is the fix to many things that ail us, including mental disease.

Exercise boost your mood. When we are physically active, our bodies release chemicals in our brains called endorphins that give us a sense of overall well-being.

Endorphins help optimize your mental health, as well as warding off chronic lifestyle conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

While these diseases can negatively affect the brain itself, they can inadvertently contribute to poor mental health, either from exacerbating stress of negatively affecting brain chemistry.

Daily meditation is important for those who want to grow spiritually and mentally, as well as physically.

Meditation has many benefits, all of which stimulate the mind and the body.

Meditation can be done by anyone and does not require experience; the only thing a beginner to meditation must know is that practice makes perfect.

There may not be immediate results of meditation, but the long-term benefits are boundless.


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Do not take your mental health state for granted.

Given, many people have never grappled with depression or any other form of mental illness, but a proportion could have been prevented altogether with a little preventative action.

So, which of these actions is your preferred one?


Irinel Bogdan

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