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Why Natural Healing is the Individual Medicine of the Future

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In the context of Natural Healing Arts, with all its many facets and methods, the concept of wide-ranging Complementary Medicine seems to be established as the true individual medicine of the future.

Called Biological Medicine by Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., this kind of medicine includes the elements of nature such as air, the Earth’s vital energy, the sun’s energy, both heat and light, and also movement and fasting.

Biological Medicine is a holistic theory of healing that enables all the important traditional disciplines, such as Herbal Medicine, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and, last but not least, Isotherapy.


Natural Medicine
Natural Medicine



The context of modern Biological Medicine has changed so much that, to a large extent, it includes all the variants of medicine that do not belong to classical or orthodox medicine.

The western world has a different cultural heritage from that of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda, and esoteric practice much too often treats only the energetic aspects of human existence.

This opportunity is being capitalized by Biological Medicine which integrates and describes all these dimensions holisticaly, making them comprehensible to people who think in a western way.




One of the greatest dangers in medicine in modern times seems to be specialization.

Unfortunately, when Biological Medicine is following a similar course to that of allopathic medicine, it’s being replaced by machines, eliminating words and dialogue, the critical consideration of holistic connections.

All these facets and methods of the medical panorama, make harder for the patient today to find the right healing methodology.

This is precisely why it is important that Biological Medicine is practiced by well-trained practitioners, doctors and natural therapists.

Otherwise, without considerable knowledge and the integration of many different healing methods, justice will never be done to the patient.


Swiss Physician Dr. Thomas Rau, speaks about the importance of detoxification in the fight with cancer.




The practice of biological medicine is opposed to the increasing use of treatment machines, particularly in natural health practices where the contact between physician and patient is crucial.

This new kind of medicine, of the future has been practiced for years at various clinics such as the Paracelsus Clinic at Lustmuhle, and the clinics and practices associated with it.

We are talking about a kind of medicine which combines the most important traditional methods of healing, whilst integrating them with new medical discoveries.

It is the human being as a totality that is considered, never just the diseased organ.


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Total Healing

Also known as Holistic Medicine, Integral Medicine or Complementary Medicine, this medicine acts at a deeper level in the body’s regulatory systems than Orthodox Medicine does.

It does not simply suppress symptoms or replace obvious deficiencies (e.g. insulin in diabetes), but rather tries to recognize disorders in the human regulatory system, and to get to the root of them.

It never treat symptoms, but disordered functions and causes, whose consequences are revealed in the symptoms.

Discovering the causes, in Biological Medicine, does not mean merely using static mechanistic approaches (e.g. computer tomography), but trying to establish why the person’s natural healing energy has been diminished.




Holistic Biological Medicine is a fundamental treatment that can be used in all illnesses, both chronic and acute.

It integrates the knowledge of various  theories of Natural Medicine, and also some philosophical ones, into one medical treatment modality.

Modern Biological Holistic Medicine is characterized by a colossal fund of experience from the traditional medicine of China and India, but also the latest physical and biochemical discoveries.

These latest discoveries include trace elements, free radicals, vitamins and amino-acids, the significance of membrane potentials, redox potentials, oxygen utilization, etc.

Traditional experience in treating thousands of millions of people for centuries, counts for a great deal than modern scientific studies, that often can be downright dangerous and may lead to reductionist false conclusion.

Modern scientific studies are generally based on series of experiments on subjects, without taking into account where these subjects live and of which other circumstances may have an influence on their susceptibility to illness (e.g. eating habits).


Dr. Thomas Rau, medical director at Paracelsus Clinic espeaks about Biological Medicine.


So, these traditional healing modalities are in fact based on evidence, and have proved their worth down through the generations.

If you are interested in learning more about natural healing, visit Medical Clinic Vip Consult, where Dr. Viviana Bogdan, a distinguished member of Swiss Biological Medicine Academy, can guide you in your self-healing journey.


Dr. Viviana Bogdan speaks clearly about what gets us sick.


So, have you decided which healing path to follow?


Irinel Bogdan

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