Removing Environmental Stressors

Why Removing the Environmental Stressors Is Foundation to Any Treatment

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“Weakening bed is a sure way of ruining our health”. – Paracelsus

Nowadays, there is a large number of constant environmental stressors, which may trigger a wide variety of illnesses, or at least bring an influence to bear on them.

In common parlance these are known as “water veins”, “electrosmog”, “magnetic fields” and so on.

The overall concept is that of “geopathic disorders” .

It has been shown for several years that geopathic factors have a particular influence on neurological diseases, hyperactivity, emotional illnesses and auto-immune diseases.

Unfortunately, connections such as these are still not officially recognised, for lack of “scientific” studies on the subject. That at least is the argument from official quarters.

However, the real reason has more to do with the fact that these connections should not be made public, since otherwise fundamental regulations would have to be issued, particularly with regard to electromagnetic burdening.

The financial interests opposed to the dissemination of new discoveries are too great!

Another problem involves the objective proof of such burdening, which it has only been possible to measure quite recently.

Despite the lack of awareness, a large number of patients were cured by eliminating the contamination, and this convinced me to make environmental stressors an important subject of this blog post.


1. Geopathy and Geopathology




Geopathy is defined in specialist medical books as the theory of the action of pathological influences from the Earth, principally in the form of earth-radiation.

In line with this, geopathology is understood to be the theory of diseases determined by location, which have something to do with “earth-radiation”.

In recent years there has been a considerable increase in our knowledge regarding geopathogenic stress zones.

More and more discoveries have been made, physical, metrological, medical and scientific, so that now a specialist field with many aspects has developed.


2. A Good Sleep Means a Gain in Quality of Life


Unsplash – Sleeping

There has never been a time when people were exposed to so many “radiating” influences as they are today.

So it is all the more important that we create a sleeping space for ourselves that is an island where nothing comes between us and regeneration.

We spend a third of our lifetime in bed. Precisely during the time when we are asleep our body is defenseless and open to attack.

Anyone who has been through the experience of tossing and turning in bed at night and getting up exhausted the next morning will know the extent to which this weakens the organism.

This is why it is so worthwhile, having one’s sleeping place investigated and cleansed by a geopathologist.

This way the organism can recover enough energy, and the regulatory ability can be sufficiently restored, so that we can become more resistant to environmental influences.


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3. Environmental Stress Sensitivity


Stress Sensitivity
Unsplash – Stress sensitivity

Every person has a different sensitivity to environmental stress. But this is especially true of electromagnetic stress.

Again and again we note that electro-sensitive people display quite a peculiar constitution and this can be treated with Orthomolecular Therapy, and also with Homoeopathy.

Of course this does not mean that one should not address environmental stress.

The combination of good geopathological advice and cleansing of the house, plus expert Biological treatment is almost always successful.

Countless “vague” illnesses have been improved, or even cured.


In this video, dr. Thomas Rau MD, explains how Biological Medicine approaches “unclear” diseases.


4. Environmental Stressors


Unsplash – Environmental stress

All of the following environmental stressors only develop the action after a certain period of time and they are particularly fatal if several stressors coincide.

The stress is at its worst if the person remains in this area of influence continually.

This is why housewives, old people and especially small children are affected, seeing that they spend a large part of the day in the same place.

What is of particular significance is the stress at the place where they sleep. During sleep the parasympathetic nervous system is supposed to be active and regenerate the body.


In this short video, dr. Michael Lam MD explains briefly how to get a successful sleep.


Environmental stressors sap the energy of the parasympathetic, affecting regeneration.

Clinics of Biological Medicine have testing methods at their disposal which can be used on people.

Heart rate variability program, testing of the autonomic nervous system, or thermoregulatory diagnosis, all of these indicate geopathological stress.


5. Earth Rays


Geopathic Stress
prithwe.com – Geopathic Stress


Earth rays are part of the environmental stressors.

Earth rays from water veins, geological faults and double zones are partially responsible for a special geopathic climate that makes people ill.

The problem with earth rays is that they cannot be measured by the usual methods, but only by using subtle energy. Therefore the tester needs to be very experienced.

Geological faults and water veins alter the Earth’s natural magnetic field, and with it the natural magnetism of the body’s cells too, likewise their membrane potential.

If the membrane potential of the body’s cells decreases, they become “more degenerate”, i.e. they behave like old cells.

They are less good at excreting toxins, and they take in less oxygen and fewer nutrients.

For example, a healthy young human cell has a membrane potential of 60-80 millivolts, but a cancer cell has only 22-50 millivolts.

This phenomenon of reduced cell vitality is also seen in the electromagnetic and electrostatic fields described below.

Even after only 6 month to 2 years the environmental stress take their toll and the first health disorders occur.


7. Electrosmog


vimeo.com – Electrosmog

Electrosmog is another problem that needs to be taken very seriously.

Among the main causes of electrosmog we find at least one of the following:

  • cordless telephones (DECT);
  • WLAN systems;
  • various electrical appliances;
  • domestic electricity installation;
  • smart phones;
  • mobile telephone aerials and transformers nearby places under great stress around the clock.

As well as these, there is the television set in the bedroom on standby, all the radio alarm, and so on.


In this video, Swiss Harmony tells us how to protect ourselves from the influence of electrosmog.


7. The Earth’s Natural Magnetism


Earth's Magnetism
Unsplash – Earth’s Magnetism

The Earth’s magnetism is an energy with general action and its effects extends to all human beings, animals and plants.

The Earth’s natural magnetic field gives us our vital energy.

An energy which has a regulatory action on every living being, nourishing  and protecting it and ensuring that magnetic order is maintained in the body.

In human nerve cells of the brain there are crystals which are sensitive to magnetism. This discovery was made a few years ago and was awarded the Nobel Prize.

In the course of this research it has proved that the Earth’s magnetic field also has an influence on the human body.

In other words, the more balanced (homogenous) and stable the magnetic field is, the better the natural regeneration of the human body will function.

There are also many scientific studies to support the notion that a weakened magnetic field results in chronic diseases.

Most frequent causes of weakened or unstable Magnetic Fields are:

  • Metal bed frame;
  • Lightning protection equipment;
  • Strongly earthed houses;
  • Innerspring mattress;
  • Steel house construction.

We should consider all of these factors when we conceive our sleeping quarters.


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Knowledge about environmental stressors has been lost over the last hundred years.

Before that scarcely a house was built without the site being carefully checked beforehand.

A particularly good way of doing this was to observe the way animals behaved on the part on the plot.

Unfortunately, modern-day building plots offer little opportunity to avoid all disruptive influences, and it is not always possible to alter the building plans.

However, educating ourselves remains of the most importance. It enables us to detect and remove all the geopathic stressors, that can interfere seriously with any kind of treatment.

So, what kind of environmental stressor are you dealing with? It would be awesome if you’d share it!


Irinel Bogdan

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