7 Reasons Why Your Financial Literacy Is Crucial Today

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Financial literacy it’s the real financial education.

Almost everything we once believed in, is now fake.

We have fake news, fake followers, fake expensive products, and even fake pharmaceutical drugs.

In today’s world, verification of what is real and what is fake, can mean the difference between wealth or poverty, war or peace, and even, life or death.

Fake money has the power to make the rich richer, while – at the same time – fake money makes the poor and middle class poorer.

Unfortunately, school and most teachers teach nothing about money, failing to prepare the students for the real world.

Our education system is leading millions of young people into financial darkness, and the worst type of debt, student-loan debt.

Great entrepreneurs and mentors taught us to first look at the big picture first, then the small picture.


Financial Education
Entrepreneur’s Sight – Purpose

Being an expert at a small picture, make you often fail to see the big picture.

Only the biggest, the highest picture possible can you show you the real future, and can lead you to your main purpose.

This house-of-cards economy is what happens as long as the academic elites are in charge of our money, our teachers, and our assets.


In this great video, Nomi Prins explains how the Central Banks rule the financial world.

The elites got greedy, taking care of themselves, at the expenses of others.

They created an economy built on deals that moved assets around instead of building new ones.

These people have rigged the system to make themselves rich… at the expense of everyone else.

We need to find real teachers, who practice what they teach, do it everyday, and are successful at what they do.

Today, if jobs are not moving overseas, robots and artificial intelligence are replacing workers.


financial education
Unsplash – AI

In his book, „Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future”, Martin Ford explains why the fairytale of going to school to get a secure, high-paying job, is delusional!

Simply put, our global financial crisis begins in our schools. There you’ll find a lot of people that teach thousands of others to do what they did not.

They assume that economics is based upon the belief that people are rational when it comes to money.

On the contrary, reality proves that economics is not financial literacy!

Bellow you’ll find a couple of reason why financial literacy is one of the main issues of our daily lives.


1. Financial Literacy Can Make You Rich


financial education
Unsplash – Rich

With the idea of job security for life threatened, being an entrepreneur seems to become the hot new profession.

Today millions are realizing that being an entrepreneur may be safer than being an employee.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are not much different than an employee, working for a paycheck. Even if they get a business off the ground, they will never become rich.

Only those who are dedicated growing smarter, and those wanting to grow richer will survive these days.

Being an entrepreneur, you will learn how to get your spirit back.

You have to trust that the dots somehow connect in the future, you have to trust in something that will make you move forward.


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Too many people go to school, learn to work for money, a steady paycheck.  Few people learn to create money, so that they never need a paycheck.

Entrepreneurs understand that well and they find ways to put money to work for them, and build assets that deliver both cash flow and equity.

However, success as an entrepreneur is not an easy path.

It takes strength, commitment, and discipline, and it takes the vision and confidence to surround yourself of smart, honest, and trustworthy advisors.

A team is much more important than money, because without a team you probably would not have any money.

According to many social scientists, the most important thing in life is a person’s social and professional network. In other words, come on the people around you, your team, and the people you work with.


2. Financial Literacy Puts Your Financial Future In Your Hands


financial education
Pixabay – Soul

Today, the ability to climb the economical ladder and achieve more than once parents did, is less and less a reality with every decade that goes by.

This is both, because the expansion of the gross domestic product and the economic pie is growing slower, and on the other hand, because the distribution growth more unequal, and more benefits are accruing to those at the top.

The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time.

The growing gap between the rich and everyone else is a moral crisis and the social time bomb.

What did School teach you about money? The most people’s answer is not much.

What they learned was: go to school, get a job, save money, buy a house, get out of debt, and invest for the long-term in the stock market.

Students all over the world leave school many deeply in student loan debt, unable to find the mythical high paying job that pays that student loan.

Financial literacy levels the playing field. It offers everyone great control over their financial future.

In other words, financial literacy puts your financial future in your hands.


3. Money Has Become Worthless


financial education
Pixabay – Money

We create a whole separate economic activity of trading pieces of paper, which accomplishes nothing.

A currency is not money on its own. It needs a counter-party risk, because it is an IOU only as good as the borrower is.

It is only as good as the integrity of your country government. Unfortunately, today governments go bankrupt too.

Financial literacy should include how and why money is printed.

Being aware of how money is printed increases the possibility of your financial survival.

Modern banks could not survive if they weren’t not allowed to charge interest on their fake money.

Banks pay your interest on your savings because banks are risky, due to fractional reserve system.

The interest on your savings is your money printing money, for you.

Money is created out of thin air, the moment you charge something on your credit card.


financial education
Unsplash = Credit Card

When you use your credit card, where there’s no real money, only your collateral, you are printing money for the bank.

You have to pay back these money plus an interest on.

The same, when you borrow money for something, you are printing money for the bank.

Money’s Magical Show runs on in inflation. Without inflation, there cannot pay off the massive debt printing money creates.

With inflation debt gets cheaper – because money gets cheaper – and debt can be paid back with cheaper money.

With inflation, people spend faster, because they are afraid prices will go up.

The innocent people become collateral damage and savers became losers.


4. Financial Literacy Is Your Best Investment


financial education
Entrepreneur’s Sight – Books

Your financial IQ is your ability to solve financial problems.

Always, constantly take lessons, courses, and practice!

Learning is a continually “do it again” process.

Find a teacher able to inspire you to learn, to become smarter. Just show that you can do what you were taught to do.

A real learning is hard. Talent is not enough. It requires super-human dedication and sacrifice.

The key to learning is being humble, being willing to say “I screwed up”. Then seek wiser men and woman and learn from them. That is true learning.

Being visionary, means being bright and never finish learning.

This can only be accomplished by making mistakes!


financial education
Unsplash – Mistake

Each failure – although painful – is a lesson of humility, for only through genuine humility, does a person learn.

If you are not making mistakes, then you have stopped learning.

Entrepreneurs are a new breed of people.

They know they must make mistakes and learn from their mistakes, and that business is a team sport.

Mistakes make you smarter, richer, more generous, and a more human person.

God does not punish people for making mistakes. Only humans do. God’s language is truth, love and compassion.

If you commit to learning and teaching you will see those efforts deliver a solid ROI.

There is a rule of money known as the 90/10 rule. That rule states that 10% of the people earn 80% of the money.

The good news is that with financial literacy, most everyone can be 10% who earn 90% of money.


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5. Financial Literacy Can Explain You The Banking System


financial education
Unsplash – Banking

Financial literacy must explain the big picture of the banking system.

The banking system is a system of savers and debtors.

The world’s banking system is built on the fractional reserve banking.

This system allows the borrowers (bank) to lend the savers’ deposits multiple times, thus creating money from nothing.

This Money Magic System, prints massive amount of fake money, covered by debts.

The system no longer need the real money. It works fine, as long as no one wants real gold coins.

Printing fake money is the way banks make more money. They have a license to print money.

The stock market, bond market, real estate market, financial derivatives market, and many others markets have licenses to print money too.

The entire banking system is based on counter-party trust.


financial education
Unsplash – Trust

Based on the assumption that only a small percentage of the depositors will ever want to withdraw their money at the same time, the Central Bank allows the nation’s commercial banks to operate with an incredibly thin layer of cash to cover their promises to “pay on demand”.

Banks don’t have enough money to cover a massive “run on the bank”, they only have some backup(insurance) plan .

When a bank runs out of money, and is unable to keep that promise, the System then acts as a lender of last resort.

It means that it stands ready to create money out of nothing, and immediately lend it to any bank in trouble.

When a bank’s bookkeeping assets finally become less than its liabilities, the rules of the game call for transferring the losses to the depositors themselves. This means they pay twice: once as taxpayers, and again as depositors.

The mechanism by which this is accomplished is called deposit insurance and it guarantees that every insured deposit will be paid back regardless of the financial condition of the bank.

This “protection” is not insurance in any sense of the word. It is merely part of a political scheme to bail out the most influential members of the banking cartel when they get into financial difficulty.


financial education
Unsplash – Banks

However, if a panic does take place, the entire banking system can legally be shut down. It happened many times before. All you can recover is limited by the ATM .

Financial literacy teach you how to use your debt as money.

One reason why credit card companies are always offering us more and more credit cards is that the economy grows when you and I use money by borrowing money. When you pay off your debt, the economy gets smaller.


In this video, Ray Dalio explains excellent how the economic machine works.

The rich don’t issue credit cards because they like you. They give you credit because they will make money, via interest, when you use your credit card.

They’ll make even more when you make only minimum payments on credit card balances.

So if you want to be rich, you need to learn to use debt. But have to be careful.

It takes financial literacy to learn to use debt. Debt can make you rich, and then, suddenly, something changes and that same debt is making you poor, very poor.

Being financial illiterate, not knowing what a financial statement is, or what is the difference between assets and liabilities, is forcing you to work harder and gain less, because your hard earned money is becoming worthless.


6. Financial Literacy Can Show You The Big Picture


financial education
Entrepreneur’s Sight – Perspective

Whenever we see life through the prism of “right or wrong” we fail to see the edge side, and we become less intelligent.

Fake education involves only one side of the coin.

Real education requires each of us to stand on the edge of the coin and see both sides. This overall perspective is giving you access at twice as much intelligence.

It gives you the ability to hold several meanings in the mind at the same time, and still connect them to function.

Ordinary people think they are smart because they know the right answers and they don’t make mistakes.

This is “the thinking”, not their thinking. They are moving with the crowd and don’t think for themselves.

Training to avoid mistakes so that you can be accepted socially is an act of self-sabotage.

The truth, is the only way.


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Simply said, entrepreneurs see world through a different set of eyes.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must think like a generalist, looking at all the integrities, the big picture, the whole business.

It is the mission of the business that your customers love. Your mission is the reason customer love, adore, and buy your products.

Simply put, mission generates brand loyalty and recognition.

Product is not important to being an entrepreneur, the ability to build a business is.

Behind every great brand is a great entrepreneur with a great passion solving a great big problem.

If you will do this, you will be a very, very rich entrepreneur.


7. Financial Literacy Can Make You A Great Person


financial education
Pixabay – Business suit

In order to become financial literate you need four things:

  • Spiritual intelligence, quiet intelligence that knows there is a greater person in you, a person that can achieve their dreams;
  • Mental intelligence, the knowledge that you can learn anything you want to learn;
  • Emotional intelligence, your ability to learn from your
  • , to stand on the edge of the coin and learn from the two sides;
  • Physical intelligence, the ability to take what you learn and turn the ideas into action, and stand back up when you fall.

If you can engage all four of your intelligence, then no matter what happens in the economy. If you can do it every day, you will become a strong and great person, greater than you are today.

One of the most important words in real financial education is practice.

Practice is the environment where you made mistakes and correct. The moment you start doing something, the other intelligences fall in line.

You must learn by doing and we are always doing something.

Physical intelligence transform you from a caterpillar into a butterfly, from a poor man into a rich man.

The world needs great entrepreneurs!


financial education
Unsplash – Great

Without great entrepreneurs, the world economy begins to collapse, capitalism will evolve into socialism possibly, a world of terror, a world of limited freedom, a world of dictators and despots.

Many people want to be rich, they take the easy road.

Rather than spend time learning and studying, they do foolish things like cheat, lie, and steal.

The world of business is filled with these people. The good news is, if you want to learn to do business in the real world, these people will be your best teachers.

In a world of accelerating globalization, lower paying jobs, low interest rates, dangerously high government debt, and rising taxes, financial literacy becomes vital. Not just for success, but for economic survival.


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Your most important asset is your mind, so be careful and choose wisely regarding who puts information into your head. Choose your teachers wisely.

Like it or not, we are going through the most dramatic change in human history.

Education is more important than ever before, but the pressing question is: What kind of education?

Do you have the spirit, determination, and drive to become a real financial literate?

It is for you to decide…


Irinel Bogdan

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